TVXQ’s Yunho Did Something Incredibly Sweet For Sehun Ahead Of His “Coffee Friends” Appearance

It’s melting everyone’s heart:

EXO‘s Sehun is the maknae that everyone loves. He’s certainly the maknae on top in EXO, but he also receives a whole lot of love from his sunbaes too!


Last month fans found out that Sehun would be traveling to Jeju Island to participate in the filming of tvN‘s Coffee Friends. And now fans finally got to see the first part of Sehun’s time there! While Sehun certainly melted everyone’s heart with his good looks and sweet charms, many fans were pleasantly surprised to find out that one of Sehun’s sunbaes was looking out for him in a big way for the show!


Shortly after Sehun arrived at the cafe, actor Son Ho Joon revealed that his phone had been blowing up with calls from his longtime friend TVXQ‘s Yunho!

“I kept receiving calls from Yunho.”

— Son Ho Joon


He also admitted that Yunho had made him promise to take good care of his hoobae!

“He told me to take good care of you.”

— Son Ho Joon


Sehun wasn’t too surprised to hear this and revealed, that since Yunho had previously been on the show himself, he had given him some pointers for being on the show too!

“Yunho hyung? He told me to do well too and he said it’s going to be tough. Especially the tangerine work.”

— Sehun


And it looks like Yunho’s tips really did come in handy, as many fans noticed Sehun would make comments about Yunho’s tips throughout the episode!


The relationship between this hoobae and sunbae has thoroughly warmed netizens hearts and now fans are even more excited about the next part of Sehun’s Coffee Friends visit!