No One Knows If This Is A Picture Of EXO’s Sehun Or Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun

Wait… which idol is it?

A few months back, a series of BTS photos were making fans do double-takes because they seemingly morphed into each other and now there’s there’s a new photo that not only is making everyone do double-takes it’s making them very, very confused!

These Photos Of BTS Are Causing A Lot Of ARMYs To Do Double Takes


This picture of an idol has been making the rounds on the internet and no one knows who is actually in the photo!


While a few people think the idol may be BTS’s V


Everyone else is convinced that it’s either EXO‘s Sehun or Wanna One‘s Hwang Minhyun.


The longer you look at the picture the more convinced you’ll become that it’s Sehun…


Especially when you look at photos of him from 2013 and 2014!


But at the same time, you’ll convince yourself that it isn’t Sehun and is actually Minhyun.


Like, it’s totally Minhyun!


Or is it? The photo is really throwing off netizens who just can’t make up their mind over who is really in the photo.

  • “Hul… I thought that was Sehun.”

  • “That’s obviously Sehun.”

  • “It’s too Sehun-ish that it looks like Hwang Minhyun. If that makes sense…”

  • “That nose is so Minhyun!”


But it turns out that many people were right! The idol in the photo is, drumrolls please, Hwang Minhyun!


This particular photo was taken on September 30, 2014, when NU’EST were at the airport.


Although that particular photo is definitely tricky, other photos from that day reveal that it truly is him!


It’s 100% him!


Even if he did look a lot like Sehun in that photo!

  • “You’re telling me that’s not Sehun???”

  • “Hul, that’s Minhyun? I seriously thought that was Sehun!”

  • “What? Maybe his face appears to be longer because of his facial expression? Maybe…”