EXO-Ls Recently Discovered A Unique Accessory Hidden In Sehun’s “Wolf” Era Outfit

The discovery has been taken over the internet:

Although it’s been 6 years since EXO released “Wolf”, fans have recently discovered a very unique “accessory” that Sehun wore and absolutely no one can keep a straight face.


EXO’s “Wolf” era was a very interesting style era, to say the least. It’s the time when EXO-Ls were given some pretty infamous and unique fashion choices. But just when EXO-Ls thought they had discovered all “Wolf” had to offer in fashion, they discovered something brand new.


Fans recently noticed that there was something hiding inside the collar of one of Sehun’s “Wolf” MV outfits.


And upon closer inspection, they realized that the item in question was none other than a plastic waterpipe!


The hosing is believed to have been used to help hold the shape of his collar and it looks like one of Luhan‘s outfits could very well have been ready for some piping of its own too!


With the discovery of the tubing, Sehun and his interesting accessory quickly took over Weibo and became a trending topic on the site.


And when the news spread, EXO-Ls everywhere couldn’t help cracking up over the news!


But waterpipe or no, Sehun definitely was able to rock the look!