Netizens LOL Over SM Entertainment Removing Armpit Hair

“Why not just make them shave? 🤣”

In K-Pop, both male and female idols often opt to shave their body hair on stage.

Jimin (BTS)

However, this isn’t always the case! Sometimes, male idols may step out on stage with their body hair on display.


Other times, there’s editing done after the fact. Netizens recently had a good laugh over the difference between EXO’s “Growl” MV teaser and the official video.

Kai (EXO)

In the official music video, fans can clearly see Sehun‘s underarm hair.

However, in the teaser, it suddenly vanished. This is due to editing after the fact to give the illusion of a smooth underarm.

Netizens even noticed Baekyun had armpit hair in the music video…

…but not in the trailer!

Imagining the editors take out their armpit hair left netizens cracking up. However, they wondered why the final rendition of the video didn’t include the edits and assumed it may have been too much work.

  • “No but haha I’m sure they didn’t expect that themselves either lol”
  • “No but if you’re gonna do this, why not just make them shave lmao”
  • “LOL But they really removed it cleanly”
  • “I actually saw the employee’s anecdote doing that and it was freaking hilarious lmao”
  • “Why did they remove it for the teaser but kept it for the MV? Was it harder because the shots were longer?”
  • “No but why only do it for the teaser and not the MV?? Lmao. Did they give up because there was too much hair?”

Watch the full video below!