EXO Have Taken Over Subway Stations Around The World 

EXO-Ls keep finding EXO posters at their local subway stops.

It’s no secret that whenever K-Pop idols celebrate big events like birthdays and anniversaries, fans will help get posters and billboards displayed in certain subway stations in Seoul but EXO-Ls didn’t stop at one station or even Seoul!


First, Seoul’s Samseong station filled with posters in celebration of Xiumin‘s birthday in March.


This was quickly added onto with posters and videos supporting Chen’s solo release, Sehun’s birthday, and EXO’s 7th anniversary in April!


These posters also were spread to a few other stations in Seoul, including Hongdae station…


But that wasn’t the only place EXO took over! Many EXO-Ls from Buenos Aires reported seeing posters in celebration of EXO’s big anniversary at one of the busiest stations in the city.


And that’s still not all! Argentinian EXO-Ls also set up a video to play in the subway station too!


With gorgeous EXO posters in Buenos Aires and Seoul to steal your breath away, who wouldn’t want to ride the subway!