EXO’s Suho Was Filled With Immediate Regret After Switching Mics With Baekhyun

Suho had instant regret:

Switching things up to match your microphone to your hair is all fun and games…unless you are EXO‘s Suho and you’re switching mics with Baekhyun!


During one of EXO’s encore EXplOration concerts in Seoul, EXO couldn’t help noticing that Suho’s blue microphone perfectly matched Baekhyun’s brilliant blue hair while Baekhyun’s red mic was an exact match to Suho’s dazzling red!


Realizing it was the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and with a little encouragement from Chanyeol, they decided to do a quick switch. That was Suho’s first mistake.


As they started talking into each other’s mics, Suho remembered that they were still connected to each other’s earpiece which meant he was getting a loud earful of Baekhyun’s energetic babbling and said so out loud. That was Suho’s second mistake.


With that new piece of information, Baekhyun simply couldn’t resist teasing his hyung by purposefully letting out some extra loud noises just for Suho.


Is it any wonder Suho made Baekhyun switch their mics back stat?


There’s no way that Suho will be making that particular mistake again.