EXO’s Suho And Chanyeol Left EXO-Ls Wheezing With Their Playful Instagram Questions

After seeing their posts, they had some serious questions for each other:

When EXO‘s Suho and Chanyeol caught sight of each other’s super relaxing Instagram posts, things immediately took a wild and playful turn with their very important questions that left fans everywhere doubled over in laughter!

A few days ago, Chanyeol and Suho both decided to bless us all by uploading them to Instagram. Chanyeol uploaded a set of pictures relaxing poolside photos captioned simply with an island emoji.

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Suho, on the other hand, brought some seriously chill vibes while chilling with a cup of tea or coffee. Like Chanyeol, Suho also simply captioned his post with a single emoji, in his case a tea emoji!

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After seeing Chanyeol’s post, Suho simply couldn’t contain his inner comedy king and dropped Chanyeol a simple question, “Why didn’t you swim with me?” His question however, had an interesting effect because soon enough Chanyeol was asking Suho the same question about drinking together!

With their fun already making fans lol hard, these two weren’t done with each other yet! After dopping each other the questions, they each decided to respond back with a single corresponding emoji!

Since discovering this hilarious exchange, EXO-Ls have been cracking up hard at the whole thing!

Could they get any cuter?