EXO’s Suho Made Everyone Emotional By Stirring Up A “Potion” To Express His Feelings For EXO-L

Suho poured out his love to EXO-L:

When it comes to showing love for fans, no one is doing it quite like EXO‘s Suho. Every single opportunity he gets, he opens his heart and pours out his love for EXO-L. His SNS posts are always filled with sweet words for Eri, every speech he gives includes some love for EXO-L, and when he gets to meet with fans through a livestream or in-person everyone can feel just how much he truly cares about fans.

It’s certainly no secret that Suho really loves EXO-L but a few days ago, Suho touched everyone’s heart when he mixed up a potion of sorts to express his feelings for fans.

On the same day that Suho entered into the military, EXO’s Heart4U shared a special clip called “#What Suho Thinks of EXO-L“. Selecting different colored sands representing his feeling toward EXO-L, EXO’s bighearted leader created the ultimate love message for fans.

Starting off with a good dash of “longing” because he always wants to meet fan, Suho added in gratitude to show how thankful he is for fans being with EXO for so long.

After I see them I want to see them more and more, so I’ll add in “longing.” And because they have been with us for a long time…”gratitude.”

— Suho

Next Suho, wanting to make sure EXO-Ls always stay healthy, tipped in a bit of “worry” as well.

I don’t want them to get sick, so I’ll add a bit of “worry” as well.

— Suho

With “longing,” “gratitude,” and “worry” already in the bowl, Suho moved on to “love.” And when it came to adding it in, unsurprisingly Suho mixed all his “love” in.

Of course, I have to put all the “love” in! I’m going to put in the most of this.

— Suho

As a final ingredient in his love potion, Suho not-so-accidentally added “forever” in its entirety!

Lastly, I’ll put in a bit of “forever”… I’m going to pour it all in and pretend it was an accident.

— Suho

While Suho has already expressed his love for fans many, many times, this message of forever love has especially been warming hearts and making everyone feel more than a little emotional.

Suho’s love for EXO-L is truly beautiful!