EXO’s Suho Isn’t Letting Kai Forget About His Whisper Challenge Fail Any Time Soon

That game is going to haunt Kai forever:

EXO‘s latest appearance on Knowing Brothers had some wild results, especially when Kai took on the whisper game challenge. It didn’t matter who was giving the clues, Kai was absolutely clueless! And unfortunately for Kai, one of his exclamations during the game is probably going to haunt him forever…

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Especially if Suho has a say about it!

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Since Kai had so many…erm…interesting answers, you may be wondering which words have already proven to be the perfect ammo for teasing Kai. Well, flashback to the challenge when Baekhyun was trying to get Kai to guess “hot pack” and this happened.

Kai: THE THING INSIDE MY PANTY? (Look down at his pants)


A day after the episode aired and EXO-L everywhere were still catching their breath from laughing so hard, EXO appeared on Inkigayo and it proved to be an opportunity to tease Kai that was just too great for Suho to handle. While EXO greeted fans…


Suho decided it was the perfect opportunity to remind everyone to stay warm with a twist on Kai’s Knowing Brothers words. And the moment Kai registered Suho’s joke, well, he knew EXO wasn’t going to let him live it down any time soon.

Everyone, make sure you pack ‘2 words inside panties!’

— Suho


Or really, ever! EXO-L are 1000% sure that that moment is going to haunt Kai forever if his members have anything to say about it!


Relive the moment Kai realized he’ll never hear the end of the “panty” incident below: