EXO Suho’s Recent Live Broadcast Proves How Crazy Sasaengs Can Be

He had no choice but to cut the broadcast short.

On February 23, EXO‘s Suho did a live broadcast through Instagram to introduce Rome, Italy while also using that time to communicate and connect with his fans.

But not long after the live broadcast began, the signal kept cutting off due to constant calls coming in from various countries.

Suho expressed his frustration by saying, “I’m getting a call from Turkey. I don’t know why they keep calling.

When another call came in, he said, “If you guys keep calling like this, I won’t be able to continue with this broadcast.” He went on to ask his fans to relax and stop calling.

But there was no use. Another call came as soon as he finished talking, to which he sighed deeply.

Due to the repeated calls from Sasaengs, his live broadcast ended up freezing for an entire minute.

When the signal stabilized again, Suho said, “I can’t even talk for a full 30 seconds” and laughed at another call that was coming in.

In the end, Suho had no choice but to end his live broadcast without a proper farewell to his fans. Instead, he later reassured his fans by uploading multiple photos along with the caption, “Traveling with a friend while keeping a positive mindset.

Watch the full broadcast in the link below:

Source: Insight


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