EXO’s Suho Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter With His Judging Criteria In “Stage K” Preview

Now fans are even more fired up to see the episode!

JTBC recently uploaded a preview for next weeks episode of Stage K featuring none other than EXO! With Sehun, Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, and Suho guesting on the show, fans already knew it was going to be an amazing experience, but after watching the preview fans know it’s going to be truly unforgettable!


Besides the epic dance covers and EXO’s signature charms on full display in the preview, EXO-Ls also got a hilarious look at what EXO as judges will be like!


When asked what the criteria would be for judging the performances, each of them listed off their thoughts. Sehun chose style, Chen listed talent, Baekhyun wanted to see energy, and Kai was ready to see how much everyone was enjoying themselves on stage.


But when it came to Suho, he soon had everyone including his members, the MC, and the entire audience bursting into laughter with his answer!

Um…for me…personality!

— Suho


And fans were in for a second treat in the preview. When someone caught his eye, Suho once again had everyone cracking up with his happiness at finding someone that showed great personality!

I really liked their personalities! Awesome. Awesome!

— Suho


With the episode scheduled for June 9, EXO-Ls are preparing themselves for a very unforgettable episode. Check out the preview for yourself below!