EXO’s Suho Proved Once Again He’s Got A Heart Of Gold By Joining UNICEF’s Hope Campaign

Suho really has the biggest heart:

If you looked up the words “kind” and “caring” in a dictionary you’d definitely find EXO‘s Suho listed in the definition! His actions have always shown just how much he cares about his fellow members, fans, friends, and really, the whole world!


While fans have always known that Suho a huge heart, everyone got to see it once again when he teamed up with UNICEF.


Suho is taking part in UNICEF’s campaign for children, For Every Child, Hope, and recently shared a promotional video for the campaign.

EXO joins the UNICEF Hope Campaign. Join us in the campaign so that every child in the world can dream of a hopeful future.


And just when you thought Suho’s heart couldn’t get any bigger, he not only promoted the foundation’s UNICEF hope ring in the video…


But he promoted the special gift for those who participate in the campaign on his personal Instagram page!


This latest moment is warming everyone’s heart and proves once again that Suho has the biggest and sweetest heart in the whole world!