EXO Suho’s Reason For Having Two Autographs Will Melt Your Cold Heart

Awww, he is so sweet!

EXO‘s Suho proves why he is the best leader in the world with his two autographs.

Recently, a fan shared photos pointing out Suho changing his autograph depending on the situation. When he is signing an autograph as EXO’s leader, he includes a wing underneath his name.



However, you can see the wing is gone when he signs an autograph as the actor, Kim Jun Myeon.

According to the fans, Suho adds the wing to his autograph only as a member of EXO because he has people to protect as the leader of the group.

Fans shared how much they are touched by Suho’s love for EXO and fans, “Suho, You’re an angel…”, “We have to hide your wings so you won’t fly up to the heavens”

Source: Nate Pann