Suho Revealed What EXO Mean To Him And Now Everyone’s Crying Real Tears

You’re definitely going to want to grab the tissues:

While it’s always been apparent that Suho has thought of each of the members of EXO as part of his family, he recently revealed what they truly mean to him and it will bring tears to your eyes.


Suho recently stunned on the cover of Grazia magazine. His handsome visuals blew everyone away and as more pictures from the photo shoot were uploaded online, hearts were stolen left and right.


He didn’t just do a photo shoot for the magazine though, Suho also sat down for an interview. During the interview, Suho revealed many things about himself like how he enjoys finding happiness in the small things in life.


Although it might be the small things in life that bring joy when Suho was asked what was at the center of his life, he revealed it was something incredibly special. At first, Suho talked about his love of acting…

“I’ve always loved to act, which is why I’m starring in musicals and movies.”

— Suho


Before revealing exactly what he thinks is at the center of his life.

“But that has never changed the fact that I’m a member of EXO. I think it’s because I’m EXO’s Suho that I get invited to so many fashion events and why people recognize me when I’m overseas.  That’s why EXO is and always will be the center of my life.”

— Suho


So EXO aren’t just a part of Suho’s family, they are at the very center of his life! Excuse me while I go find some tissues.

Source: Sports Seoul