EXO’s Suho Trolled Sehun With An Embarrassing Photo So Sehun Returned The Favor

He returned the favor in full:

Although Chanyeol is the usual suspect for trolling EXO‘s maknae on Instagram, the other members aren’t opposed to teasing him either! But Sehun doesn’t just let all that teasing go, in fact, Suho‘s trolling was recently paid back in full!


Earlier this year, Suho decided to wish Sehun a happy birthday with an…err…interesting picture of the two of them together!

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생일축하한다 세훈아 사랑한다

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At the time Sehun came back with a sarcastic comment saying, “The picture came out well. I like it.”


Now Sehun has finally been able to return the embarrassing photo favor! A few days ago, Sehun was posting a series on EXO-SC photos when he snuck in this photo of Suho who was just not ready for the snapshot!

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And when Suho came across the photo, well, he could only respond back with a very familiar phrase!


There’s no doubt that all of the EXO members are amazing at teasing each other on Instagram!