Hearts Are Melting After EXO’s Suho Was Spotted Ignoring Security To Do This For Fans

“The security gets triggered but Suho just ignores him.”

Fans know that EXO‘s leader would do just about anything for EXO-Ls and during a recent trip to Hong Kong he proved it in the sweetest way possible.


Suho was recently in Hong Kong for a fashion even with luxury fashion brand Miu Miu. While he certainly stole the show while he was there, it was what he did at the airport that really melted hearts.


After Suho waited to get his passport checked, he started to walk away and turned to wave to fans.


But as he turned to do so, he noticed that the fans who were waiting there had letters for him. So instead of simply continuing on, Suho doubled back to receive the letters from his fans and even ignored the security guard who seemed to be pushing the fan letters away.


Netizens have been melting over Suho’s sweet gesture…


Especially since he ignored the security for his fans.


He really is the sweetest leader who cares about EXO-L!