EXO’s Suho Is About To Make Everyone’s Valentine’s Day A Little Brighter With A Special Surprise

This year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be very good.

Fans know that EXO‘s Suho was recently in Hong Kong attending the private Miu Miu fashion event, but they were not expecting to get a special surprise from him while he was there!


While he was there strutting his own stuff and making hearts beat a whole lot faster with his gorgeous visuals, he also sat down for a few interviews. With the main focus on the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Suho was asked plenty of questions about his ideal type, favorite gift, and what kinds of things he would give to fans! He answered all those questions, but also dropped a huge hint that EXO is planning something big…and soon!


ELLE Hong Kong recently uploaded their interview with Suho to their official Instagram page and then surprised fans with a second clip with EXO’s leader. With a simple caption, they had already piqued EXO-Ls interest…

“Looks like a Valentine’s Day surprise is on its way from @weareone.exo. Here is what the leader @kimjungcotton hinted at us!”

— ELLE Hong Kong


And when fans watched the video, they got an even bigger shock. Suho revealed that EXO was going to have a surprise for fans very soon and that everyone should look forward to it.

“Hello everyone! There are only a few days left until Valentine’s Day and I’m hoping that everyone’s Valentine’s Day will be celebrated together happily. As a Valentine’s Day present, EXO would like to give something to everyone. Please look forward to it. Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day!”

— Suho


EXO-Ls reaction to getting a present from the group was pure excitement. After all, last year fans got a special livestream from Baekhyun and EXO-CBX spoiled one of their comeback songs, so their presents have already been pretty amazing in the past.


And although nobody can say for sure what EXO have up their sleeves, everyone is incredibly excited to find out!


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