Baekhyun Surprised Fans With An “I Love You 3000” Cover, Now Stephanie Poetri Is Living The EXO-L Dream

She’s living the dream!

SuperM‘s delivered even more heart-stopping performance during the Chicago stop of their SuperM: We Are The Future tour. With each and every one of their stunning performances, fun ments, and sweet interactions leaving everyone breathless, there was one moment from the concert that not only blew fans away but Stephanie Poetri too!


During the concert, Baekhyun made the crowd go wild when he broke out singing Stephanie Poetri’s hit song “I Love You 3000”. With his smooth vocals singing the sweet song and adding a “girlfriend” twist to the original “husband” lyrics, everyone was feeling seriously attacked by his mini-cover!


Baekhyun’s cover quickly took over Twitter with fans melting over his rendition and pretty soon it wasn’t just fans that were giving their love to Baekhyun! 88rising, who helped bring us the amazing “I Love You 3000 II” With Stephanie Poetri and GOT7‘s Jackson, saw videos of his performance and couldn’t resist tweeting out about it!


But 88rising wasn’t the only one who saw his cover, Stephanie Poetri did too! And as a certified EXO-L she was definitely excited about Baekhyun’s cover and even had a mini fangirl moment over the whole situation!


An amazing, talented, and successful artist who is also living the ultimate EXO-L dream, Stephanie Poetri is truly winning!