EXO, SuperM Hairstylist Reveals The Kind Ways Baekhyun Treats All Staff

Whenever people treat staff a certain way, it gets Baekhyun fired up.

Since the release of EXO‘s earliest hits like “Growl”, hairstylist Park Nae Joo has been by Baekhyun‘s side to manage the health of his hair and style it however he’s instructed to.

With his salon Bit&Boot and new YouTube channel, Baekhyun has shown his support by appearing in videos where they’ve revealed behind-the-scenes stories from their years together. In one of the latest, Park Nae Joo shared how well Baekhyun treats all the staff around him.

When Park Nae Joo mentioned how overwhelmed hairstylist You Mi had been when styling SuperM‘s hair during their U.S. tour for her first project, Baekhyun had been completely surprised that she’d broken down in tears. “You cried a river? Because of whom?

After You Mi explained that it had all been because of her lack of experience in taking on such an important project by herself, Park Nae Joo revealed that Baekhyun was always so eager to make sure staff are treated properly. “Frankly, there’s no one like Baekhyun who takes care of his staff so warmly.

Whether it’s paying for the staff’s meals or standing up for them, Baekhyun made sure they were all cared for. “When we eat or in any cases. If my staff gets treated badly–” Park Nae Joo couldn’t even finish the sentence before Baekhyun proved him right.

Shaking his head, Baekhyun stated that any mistreatment of the staff made him angry. “That shouldn’t be the case. That makes me mad immediately.

Even though Baekhyun is one of the most well-known idols, it’s heartwarming to see that he can’t turn a blind eye to someone being mistreated or not given everything they need. Check out Park Nae Joo sharing how caring Baekhyun truly is to all the staff around him.

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