EXO and WANNA ONE Protect Other Idols At Gayo Daejejeon

They sacrificed their own safety for their fellow idols.

EXO and WANNA ONE are were noticed risking their safety in order to ensure the safety of other idols at MBC Gayo Daejejeon. It all started with Jeonghan’s scary incident at the event, as he tripped over a hole in the middle of the stage and hit his leg on the edge in the process.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan falls through stage and smashes his leg

After witnessing the incident, members of WANNA ONE and EXO were noticed risking their own safety to ensure no one else got hurt. It was pointed out that Hwang Minhyun, who is friends with labelmate Jeonghan, looked especially worried.

On the very left side, Baekhyun from EXO was the first to walk away from the main group to stand guard in front of the hole. The area in question was a high traffic area, as it was by the only path from backstage to the main stage.

Members of WANNA ONE and EXO continued to switch off, standing in front of the dangerous area. It’s suspected that it was to ensure the girl groups gathered near the hole didn’t fall in.

Following EXO’s finale stage, the artists began to gather on stage again and “hole duty” for WANNA ONE and EXO began again.

Once Gayo Daejejeon finally ended, EXO and WANNA ONE continued to stand in front of the black hole until all the girl groups passed.

WANNA ONE and EXO definitely showed their deep care and concern to their fellow singers after this scary happening.

You can watch the full fan-edited video pointing out the two groups’ manners at Gayo Daejejeon here.

Source: Nate Pann