EXO Xiumin’s 100 Days Of Service Perfectly Matched Up With Another Special Day For EXO-Ls

Celebrations for both are in full swing:

Ever since EXO‘s Xiumin began his military service, fans have been keeping up with all his enlistment details through an app that allows someone to register a soldier and keep track of all kinds of information including discharge dates and how many days they’ve served.


Which is how EXO-Ls discovered that Xiumin had officially hit another major military milestone, 100 days of service! On August 13, Xiumin officially hit 100 days of his military service!


With that news, EXO-Ls began celebrating! They created a few new hashtags in celebration, #SaluteToXiumin and #시우민_나라지킨지_백일 (#Xiumin_ProtectTheCountry_100Days), which quickly began trending worldwide!


But Xiumin’s 100 days wasn’t the only big event for EXO-Ls! His 100 days also perfectly matched up with a special birthday for Xiumin’s fans! On August 13, 2015, Xiumin gave his fans the name Elsa which means this year marks Elsas’ 4th birthday!


With the two events perfectly matching up it seems like Elsa (and every EXO-L for that matter) got the perfect present! As fans continue to celebrate, they’ve continued to send lots of love to Xiumin!


100 days, an amazing birthday for Elsa, and a sweet Xiumin filled day, August 13 turned out to be a very good day for every EXO-L!


Xiumin, meanwhile, is expected to complete his mandatory military service on December 6, 2020.