EXO Sehun Brought Xiumin An Expensive Bottle Of Alcohol, Here’s How He Responded

You’ve probably never seen anything like it.

On a recent episode of SM C&C‘s Sim For You, the EXO members visited Xiumin‘s new home and brought him gifts, one of which seemed to make Xiumin particularly happy.

Xiumin was preparing the meal as each member came over one by one. Chen brought some microwavable rice, Baekhyun toilet paper (a common housewarming party gift) and Kai a fruit basket.


Then Chanyeol and Sehun walked in carrying even more gifts.


When Sehun revealed that he brought the most expensive alcohol he had at his house, Xiumin showed Sehun his own style of aegyo (cute display of affection).


His unique way of showing cuteness has completely won over the hearts of viewers and fans.


Check out the full episode below:



Source: V Live
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