EXO’s Xiumin Got Asked About His Military Discharge… But He Ended Up Answering A Completely Different Question

Xiumin was a bit confused.

EXO‘s Xiumin recently got discharged from the military, and it was an exciting moment for EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom).


Xiumin recently held a live broadcast where he chatted with EXO-Ls and answered various questions. One question he was asked was, “On the day before you finished your military service, fans were so nervous and happy. How did you feel?

Xiumin was a bit confused by this question and read it one more time.

After reading the question again, Xiumin answered. However, he ended up talking about how he felt the day before he enlisted and not about the day before he got discharged. Xiumin shared that he was a bit “frustrated” the day before he enlisted.

Xiumin then revealed that he didn’t sleep at all the night before he enlisted since he had so many thoughts going on in his head. Not only that, but he felt sad since he was going to be away from EXO-Ls for some time.

I couldn’t sleep at all the day before I entered the military. It was weird. At that moment, I got to remember things in the past and got reminiscent, and I couldn’t get to sleep. Anyway, I wasn’t really happy because I had to be away from you (EXO-L). That’s how it was.

— Xiumin