Xiumin Claimed He Was Fine Not Being Called Hyung, But The Lie Detector Test Said Otherwise

He was caught in a lie.

Xiumin may pretend like he’s fine with his members not calling him hyung but when he played the heart-fluttering truth game with the shocking lie detector test, well, the results weren’t what you might have expected!


Back in February, it was revealed that EXO would be getting a brand new reality show called Sim For You. After the announcement fans didn’t get another hint until very recently when a mysterious trailer was revealed prepping fans for the very first episode set for March 17. Fans had many guesses as to who would be the first EXO member to appear on the show and didn’t have to wait too long to find out it was Xiumin!


While Xiumin had lots of different ways he interacted with fans during the broadcast, one of the best was his heart-fluttering truth game. During the game, Xiumin tried to answer fans’ questions while passing the lie detector test and things didn’t exactly go as very well for him. When he was asked if he thought he had the best body in EXO, he immediately received a shock from the machine although he continued to protest to the very end!


But that wasn’t the only shock he got! When asked whether or not he cared that Suho doesn’t call him hyung, he answered he didn’t mind at all.

“Do I want to hear Suho call me hyung? No, he’s my friend. My friend. My leader.”

— Xiumin


The only problem was the lie detector thought otherwise and sent another shock to him.


Although he had denied the lie detector’s accuracy before, this time he really had been caught in a lie! After he received the shock, he revealed that maybe he wasn’t 100% down with Suho not calling him hyung!

“Okay. Lately, I have been wanting to call me hyung. I am his hyung after all…”

— Xiumin


The moment might have been a bit painful for Xiumin, but fans couldn’t help cracking up over his shock and subsequent admission!


Xiumin really is a very cute hyung whether Suho calls him that or not!