Xiumin Fell On Stage And EXO’s Reaction Prove That They Are Truly Family

EXO are true brothers.

It doesn’t matter how long an idol has been performing on stage, accidents do occasionally happen. During the SMTOWN concert in Chile, EXO‘s Xiumin took a bit of a tumble on stage, but it’s the reactions of his fellow members that have really caught fans’ eyes.


The incident happened while the group was performing “Ko Ko Bop”. Fans were shocked to see Xiumin fall but were seriously impressed with his professionalism.


Besides Xiumin’s own reaction to his fall, fans quickly picked up on the other members’ take on it and decided it was further proof that they are one big happy family.


First, there was Suho‘s reaction to the incident. Being the leader and unofficial parent of the group Suho’s quick reflexes and attempts at preventing Xiumin from falling were immediately spotted by fans.


And of course, the action immediately melted hearts.


Meanwhile, Xiumin’s EXO siblings had their own laughing reaction to the incident. But then again what are siblings for?


Although some of the members couldn’t hide their smiles, fans know that they would be there in a heartbeat to pick Xiumin back up if he was truly hurt which just goes to show that they truly are one big family!


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