Xiumin’s Heartfelt Words About EXO-Ls Are Causing Eyes To Tear Up

What did we do to deserve him?

EXO‘s Xiumin has always shown fans just how much he cares about them and he recently had some very heartfelt words for EXO-Ls that are making everyone seriously emotional.


Xiumin recently dazzled for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. His pictures already had hearts fluttering but when it came time for the interview, he left everyone’s heart in major trouble.


Although the interview consisted of some typical questions, there were two in particular that caused some tears. The first was when Xiumin revealed just how much the other members of EXO and their managers mean to him.

I am most influenced by my groupmates and our managers. It may be a part of work but it would not be possible without our love for one another. When I see that side of us, I feel very grateful for that and it makes me think that I should continue working hard so I can do better.

— Xiumin


His words about EXO and his managers already touched many hearts but what he said about EXO-Ls sent fans on a true rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Because I find the need to always improve, I have no choice but to work hard. I always find strength, however, when I think about the people around me and my fans who love and cherish me.

— Xiumin


What did we do to deserve Xiumin? He’s so sweet!