EXO’s Xiumin Reveals The Food He Missed Most While Serving In The Military

There was only one person who could make it for him.

To mark his return to the entertainment world following the completion of his military service, EXO‘s Xiumin sat down with Allure Korea for an interview to answer fans’ questions.

Since some foods may not be accessible for those serving in the military, one EXO-L asked if there was a food he’d wanted to get his hands on. The question ended up taking a sentimental turn.

There was only one thing Xiumin wanted to dig into, “Weirdly, I was craving the grilled eel dish.” He didn’t want just anyone to make it, either.

He wanted the home cooking only his loved one could make, “My dad used to make [it] for me!” In the end, all of his waiting paid off.

It was one of the first foods he ate after returning home: “But after I got discharged, my father made it for me. It was amazing!

The things that people end up missing most are usually the things they’re so used to having. See Xiumin talk about the home cooking he craved most.