EXO’s Xiumin Can’t Contain His Shock After Seeing An EXO-L’s Room During His Video Call Fansign

The fan surely won’t forget the call anytime soon. 😂

EXO‘s Xiumin, who is currently promoting his debut solo album, Brand New, recently held a video call fansign event. One EXO-L ended up with advice they may not have been expecting.

EXO’s Xiumin | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

Video call fansign events began to rise in 2020 in the midst of lockdowns and travel restrictions. There have been many benefits to the virtual events, like opening up opportunities to international fans who otherwise may not be able to travel, to providing a safer option for idols to meet fans. They’ve allowed fans to get to know their favorite idols better through the casual setting.

These video calls have also given K-Pop fans many memorable moments and funny interactions since these calls can easily be recorded.

EXO’s Xiumin during his solo video call fan sign event

Fans have taken opportunities to introduce their pets, sing for idols, ask for spoilers, and even virtually take them on trips around the world.

One fan took Xiumin’s video call from their home and hilariously received more than they bargained for during the fan event. 

When it was the fan’s turn for their video call with Xiumin, the idol immediately became distracted by the fan’s background.

At the start of their call, Xiumin hilariously asked the fan why their room was so messy.

| @exoulmatte/TikTok 

The fan quickly asked Xiumin not to look while laughing and declaring they weren’t aware the background would be visible.

Clearly, Xiumin was unable to move on as he asked the fan if they lived alone and then adorably paused before encouraging her to clean up again.

| @exoulmatte/TikTok 

They continued joking about it throughout the call, and when she asked if she could speak informally with Xiumin, he agreed with one condition… that she clean her room.

| @exoulmatte/TikTok 

When an SM Entertainment team member alerted them that the call was coming to an end, Xiumin again showed his concern by reminding the fan one more time to clean up as she said her goodbyes. 

| @exoulmatte/TikTok 

Xiumin is known to prefer keeping things tidy, as seen when he starred in the MBC reality show It’s Dangerous Outside The Blanket, which had five male celebrities sharing a vacation home. Xiumin was seen stressed by how messy he felt his fellow castmates were on the show and confessed that an untidy environment stresses him out.

| Kocowa/YouTube

The user who posted the viral TikTok shared that the fan was unboxing albums in her room, which was why it appeared a bit messy.

Fans couldn’t get over Xiumin’s hilarious reaction, with most jokingly agreeing they would simply end the call out of embarrassment.

Check out the funny fan call below!


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