10 Creative And Hilarious Ways Fans Showed Their Love During Video Call Events

We wish we could only be so lucky.

K-pop fans are often adept at making the best out of any situation and it seems that this is no exception to the rule. As physical, in-person fan meetings are currently banned due to the pandemic, many companies are offering video call fan meetings to the lucky few instead. Winners can range from 30 chosen ones per member all the way to a hundred, and some benevolent companies offer a collective fan meeting with all members instead of a single member. Either way, fans are certainly making lemonade out of the lemons handed to them, coming up with creative ways to show their love.

1. When a fan brought NCT Dream’s Jisung to see the pandas

We all know the Dreamzens are whipped for the baby of the group and will do literally anything for him. One particularly dedicated fan on Weibo went to a panda research facility in her hometown of Chengdu to show the maknae the adorable bears. His reaction was no doubt priceless.

Screencap provided by the lucky fan, @七日做梦的人 on Weibo.

2. When a fan walked the desert under blazing hot sun for NCT Dream’s Renjun

Nothing else spells out dedication such as walking literal miles for your idol, and under blazing heat no less. The dedicated fan wanted to show Renjun the pure sand and blue skies, going all the way out to a desert to do it. His smile was probably the best thing she could have received in return.

3. When a fan brought the cafe event to MONSTA X’s Shownu

More often than not, idols aren’t allowed out freely, especially to places with many fans. Fan cafe events for idols’ birthdays are often held but without the attendance of the birthday boy or girl. A creative fan happened to be going to one of Shownu’s fan cafe events, and decided to have her video call there, to show him the effort fans put in.

4. When a fan showed all her merch to GOT7’s JB

This one is a little bit funny, as typical to GOT7’s savage style and their bickering relationship with fans, JB responded to an Ahgasae showing off her nicely decorated room and fan merchandise by doubting if that really was her room on the regular, or if she did it up specially for the event.

He asked her if her room was normally done up to this extent, and when she replied in the affirmative, he waved it off saying she must really like JJ Project loads!

5. When a fan went on a date to Disneyland with NCT Dream’s Jaemin

This fan got to live out her dreams of visiting Disneyland with her idol – her caption even read “I guess this counts as going to Disneyland with a handsome guy!” Weibo user @Americanoholic went all the way to the theme park just to show Jaemin a glimpse of the iconic castle and his smile was just as adorable as this fan’s idea.

6. When a fan did her video call with WayV’s Lucas in a duck shop

Yes, you read that right! But we can bet your reaction was exactly the same as Lucas’ when he heard the words, “duck shop”. While we’re not sure as to why she chose to do it in a duck shop, his meme-like reaction was probably worth it anyway! He even turned to check with the translator and staff on hand to see if he heard that right!

7. When a fan introduced her puppy to her other puppy, GOT7’s Mark

Twitter user @flowerw0904 shared her moment with fans, saying she showed Mark her pet puppy, to which his reaction was just as cute! He proceeded to virtually pet the puppy and ask for its name!

8. When a fan said f*ck school memories and made her own with NCT Dream’s Chenle

This is another adorable anecdote – in a previous video call event with Chenle, he mentioned wanting to get into university and so the fan took it onto herself to show him her school instead. She climbed to the top of her school building to show him the view!

9. When a fan celebrated Baekhyun’s achievements with him, complete with a cake

Lucky fan, @bbo_hu on Twitter, decided to congratulate Baekhyun on the success of his second solo album, Delight, by preparing a cake with candles for him. He even adorably mimed blowing out the candles virtually with her!

10. When a fan did her video call in a hotpot restaurant, making NCT Dream’s Renjun literally lick his lips

It’s a well-known fact amongst fans that Renjun sure loves his hotpot. He even named another lucky fan’s cats Mala and Hotpot in another video call event. This fan decided to head to a hotpot restaurant in China for her video call event, showing off to him her delicious meal. Pictures speak a thousand words – here’s Renjun practically devouring the food through the screen.

While it is a bummer that physical fan meets are not yet allowed, there really are only certain things that one can do via a video call, such as showing off a creative background or your pets, or even extensive fan art! We applaud the out-of-the-box thinking these fans have, and we are sure that their idols greatly enjoyed the calls too.

Source: Weibo