EXO Xiumin Loves TVXQ So Much He Once Snuck Backstage To See Them

Fanboy Xiumin struck again!

It’s no secret that EXO‘s Xiumin is TVXQ‘s biggest fanboy. After all, he decided to join SM Entertainment because of them! But fans recently got to see Xiumin’s love for TVXQ and it’s making everyone melt.


SM Entertainment‘s performance director and choreographer, Jae Shim, recently shared a vlog showcasing all the behind-the-scenes goings on leading up to the concert as well as all the prep work that went into it!


While all the hard work left everyone speechless, fans got a good chuckle out of the sudden appearance of Xiumin. As everyone was getting ready to head out to the stage, they gathered around to give a cheer together and that’s when suddenly Xiumin appears out of nowhere to do it with them!


But it didn’t end with Xiumin simply appearing out of nowhere to join their cheer, it turns out he also made a special request asking to be a TVXQ dancer!


Many fans can’t help falling in love with Cassiopeia Xiumin and thought this latest example of his love for them couldn’t have been any cuter!


There’s really no doubt that Xiumin is a true Cassie! Make sure you check out the adorable moment and the rest of the behind-the-scenes look at TVXQ’s concert in Jae Shim’s video above!