Baekhyun Has The Power To Make A Candle Sell Out In A Matter Of Minutes

Fans trust Baekhyun’s taste in candles.

Baekhyun, who is currently in the states for their SuperM We Are The Future Live tour, turned on his Instagram live broadcast in his hotel room to interact with fans. Before signing off, he recommended a candle that smelled nice and revealed where he bought it.

Below is a clip from the live story of him showing the candle.

Within minutes of the broadcast, Twitter began trending #벌써품절 (already sold out) in Korea, revealing that the candle Baekhyun showed was already sold out.

“The candle he introduced is already sold out? I want one too!”

“What…it’s already sold out? The Baekhyun effect is for real.”

“How can it already be sold out…”

The candle that Baekhyun is referring to is sold by Bath and Body Works and is the Fiji White Sands scent.

For fans in Korea, international shipping for this item has already been sold out. Fans in the states might have a better chance at snagging this candle at a mall nearby!

For those who missed it, you can watch his full live broadcast below.