EXO’s D.O. Once Revealed The One Thing He Absolutely Can’t Stand And It Is Relatable AF

Some people can’t help it, though…

In a 2018 episode of JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros, EXO‘s D.O. revealed one of his biggest pet-peeves… Something he absolutely hates and it is relatable AF!

Can you guess what it is?

… He really dislikes the sound of people eating! (Same, though.)

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Host Heechul wanted to know exactly how D.O. eats as he hates the sound of chewing. He asked D.O., “Do you melt food before you eat?

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

D.O. was a good sport about everyone teasing him for his pet-peeve.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

While he didn’t reveal exactly how he manages to avoid making noise while he eats, he did share that he makes a conscious effort not to make too much noise.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube 

Are you like D.O. and hate the sound of listening to other people eat? What do you do in those situations?