EXO’s Kai Is Husband Goals In These Pictures With His Nephew And Niece

Everyone wants a husband like Kai.

People are freaking out over how sweet of an uncle EXO‘s Kai is!

uncle kai

uncle kai 1

The idol is known to spoil his nephew and niece, showing them lots of affection and showering them with lots of hugs and kisses.

uncle kai 2

uncle kai3

He loves spending time with them, whether it’s on family trips or dates with Uncle Kai. The kids are spoiled rotten by their favorite uncle!

uncle kai4 uncle kai5

He’s made his love for his nephew and nieces known too, commenting on photos of them and saying how much he misses them.

kai ig comment

I miss you guys so much, what to do?

– Kai

Fans are hoping that maybe one day they’re kids will have an uncle like Kai too (or maybe a husband like Kai).


Source: Pann
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