EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” Was Actually Inspired By A Famous 1950’s R&B Group

EXO’s most recent comeback, “Ko Ko Bop”, seems to be inspired from a song released back in 1960!

“Shimmy Shimmy Kokobop” is a song by a famous 1950’s R&B group Little Anthony & The Imperials. 

In the song, they sang about a native girl in a paradise who teaches them the ko-ko-bop dance along with a catchy rhythm!

“You can do the ko-ko-bop
Now’s no time to stop
Left foot forward right one back
Bring them side by side
Uh syncopate your last two steps
Now you’re going to glide
Keep along the rhythm track
Girls please show ’em how
Now you start to arch your back
Man you got it now”

— “Shimmy Shimmy Kokobop”
by Little Anthony & The Imperials


“Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop,
I think I like it.
Go bit by bit, down down,
don’t be shy.
Don’t listen to what others say,
just stay beautiful like this.
I hope I could paus right now,
baby are you down”

by EXO

Both songs have a paradise theme and both talk about how a dance move dazes them, and also how to do the ko-ko-bop move!


Sehun even teased fans by giving spoilers about this inspiration through his Instagram. 

Check out EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” MV  and a performance of Little Anthony & The Imperial’s “Shimmy Shimmy Kokobop”!

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