EXO’s Sehun Just Proved Once Again That He Deserves The Title Of “Savage King” — Chanyeol Was Shook

Needless to say, Chanyeol was shook with what Sehun did.

One of EXO‘s sub-units, EXO-SC (Sehun and Chanyeol) have just released the official news that their comeback date for July 13 is finally confirmed!

During this time, the duo will be releasing their first full album 1 Billion ViewsPrior to this announcement, Sehun and Chanyeol will also be in a live broadcast today, June 23…

…and funnily enough, some EXO-L believe that SM Entertainment already confirmed the comeback news because they were “scared” that the two would just announce it during today’s broadcast.

Once SM Entertainment has confirmed the news, though, Sehun already took to Instagram to post something…

…that made his hyung Chanyeol react like this:

That’s right — it’s a spoiler for their upcoming comeback!

Sehun’s savage side comes out whenever he’s posting spoilers. EXO-L can still remember when he posted this one in 2019 on his official Instagram account. Chanyeol told him to delete it, but he said that what’s done is already done so there’s no turning back.

Chanyeol: Hey, why did you upload this, delete this…
Chanyeol: We’ll get scolded by the company
Sehun: No turning back

And just today, Sehun went ahead and posted a whole picture that’s considered to be a spoiler for their upcoming comeback on his Instagram account!

Chanyeol was shook — as you can see from his question:

Sehun: Don’t pretend
Chanyeol: Can we even do it to this extent?

Because of Sehun’s major spoiler, EXO-L worldwide couldn’t help but appreciate his savage side when it comes to spoiling: they even posted several memes to show their appreciation:

Fans are also excited to check out the duo’s hairstyles during their unit comeback this July.

Fans are hoping that the rest of EXO will be there to show their support to the duo, just like they did when Baekhyun had his solo comeback this year too:

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