EXO’s Suho Acknowledges The Part Of Fame That Hurts The Most

When asked about fame, he shared the hard truth.

EXO‘s Suho recently met with children and use the opportunity to reflect upon the last eight years.

Source: HyuneePoint

During the segment, a young fan shared her thoughts on fame, saying that she felt it would be cool to be recognized, however, she wanted to know what the reality of it was like.

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Suho expressed that while all the love and attention the group received was “surreal“, there was a very real downside to fame.

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The downside, he revealed, was that although he hadn’t done anything wrong, people were able to criticize him without any justification.

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And, as with anyone, he was sometimes hurt by those malicious comments.

Source: ODG/YouTube

In society today, which relies heavily on digital platforms and media, people can often forget that the person they’re critiquing is a living, breathing human on the other end of the screen, and just because someone is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean they won’t see or be aware of unkind comments towards them. Suho’s acknowledgment of the downside of celebrity is a gentle reminder that we could all be just a little kinder to one another.

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