“Extracurricular” Park Joo Hyun Describes The Difficult Jobs She Worked Before Her Drama Took Off

Park Joo Hyun’s life was completely different up until a month before she started filming “Extracurricular.”

If you’ve watched the K-Drama, Extracurricular on Netflix, you probably know the rookie actress, Park Joo Hyun, who gained significant attention for her spectacular acting alongside Kim Dong Hee.


Well, believe it or not, even up until a month before she filmed Extracurricular, Park Joo Hyun worked all sorts of difficult part-time jobs.

When asked whether or not she had worked part-time jobs before, Park Joo Hyun confessed that she worked a lot of them.

Up until a month before I filmed ‘Extracurricular’, I worked at a meat restaurant. Before that, I worked at a Japanese, restaurant, and I’ve also delivered black bean noodles before.

– Park Joo Hyun

And when she was asked which one of the part-time jobs were the most difficult, Park Joo Hyun revealed it was the Japanese restaurant.

Because it’s a course. The cost of the dishes… Breaking them was an issue, too. But there’s this one little piece of a much bigger plate. If the sushi was off-center, the boss would hate it. You have to make sure it’s centered.

– Park Joo Hyun

But Park Joo Hyun proved to have a sense of humor about it by adding,

That was my core exercise.

– Park Joo Hyun

Although Park Joo Hyun refuses to admit that she’s a star now, she did admit that she now has more money than before.

And if anything, her modesty makes her that much more lovable.

The popular drama, Extracurricular is currently streaming on Netflix.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Insight