“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Tae Oh Wore The Same Shirt In Two Dramas But Pulled Off Very Different Vibes

The duality!

Actor Kang Tae Oh has been stealing hearts in his role as Jun Ho on Extraordinary Attorney Woo. He plays the sweet and sensitive colleague to our heroine, Woo Young Woo.

He’s been praised as the perfect man essentially, as he helps Young Woo, who has autism, navigate her career and life at the office.

While she runs into various obstacles including office rat Min Woo…

… Jun Ho is always here to save the day! It’s only natural that the two begin falling for each other.

While viewers are captivated by Jun Ho, we respectfully ask you to turn your attention to the actor behind Jun Ho for a quick moment. Although he plays the sweet and studious gentleman in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, his duality has seen him in a variety of roles. In fact, he can change up his vibe so quick that he looks vastly different in the exact same shirt. He wore this Thom Browne button down in two different roles.

With his hair down and the shirt buttoned up, he looked every bit the adorable puppy he is as Junho.

On the other hand, once Kang Tae Oh sweeps his hair up and unbuttons the top two buttons, it’s a whole different story.

Kang Tae Oh in Drama Special: Ddakbam. | KBS

He’s so hot that he could punch us and it’d be awesome.

| Mean Girls

Make sure to continue to tune in to Extraordinary Attorney Woo every Wednesday and Thursday on ENA and Netflix. The drama tells the tale of Woo Young Woo, an attorney with autism who beat all odds to get to where she is now. She navigates life and cases at the office amidst prejudice and competition. She also discovers a secret about her birth.