Fact Check: Is aespa Giselle’s Family Member Debuting In SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group?

If true this would be iconic.

Throughout K-Pop’s history, siblings from the same family have debuted in the industry. Former Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica Jung and (f)x‘s Krystal and soloist Chaeyeon & ITZY‘s Chaeryeong are just some of the many iconic siblings.

(right to left) Jessica Jung and (f)x’s Krystal
(left to right) Chaeyeon & ITZY’s Chaeryeong

Recently, a viral TikTok with over 1 million views claimed another idol would join this “club” — aespa‘s Giselle.

aespa’s Giselle

The TikTok in question included a slideshow of three photos of a person identified as Minami Uchinaga, the 17-year-old sister of Giselle. The post claimed the young woman would be debuting in a new group under SM Entertainment.

| @riizings/TikTok

Many viewing the video were surprised to learn this information, while others were excited for a new pair of siblings to debut under SM Entertainment.




But is this really the case?

The 17-year-old and Giselle are beautiful and seem to favor each other visually. Each has an oval-shaped face and large, expressive eyes framed by dark hair.

| SM Entertainment
Minami | The Muze Entertainment

With SM Entertainment continually dropping hits about their upcoming girl group, it’s easy to see how something like this could be true.

However, for one, no official announcements have named the group, and RESCENE is the name of an already active girl group. RESCENE debuted officially on March 26, with “Uh, Uh” under The Muze Entertainment.

RESCENE | The Muze Entertainment

“Minami Uchinaga” is actually Minami Ito, a member of RESCENE who first appeared on the survival show My Teenage Girl.  She was really born on November 29, 2006, which added legitimacy to the initial claim.


Completely debunking this TikTok is the fact that Giselle mentioned that she was an only child in the past. It’s not uncommon for siblings of famous people to stay out of the spotlight; however, even if their identities are unknown, their existences are known.

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So, while a Uchinaga K-Pop line would be amazing, these two idols are not actually related!


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