This Fake MAC Ad Featuring Taemin Is Leaving The Internet Thirsty For His Endorsement

He’s the model we want and need!

A playful Taemin fan used some photoshop magic to edit one of Taemin’s photos to look like an ad for the popular make-up brand MAC – and now the internet is dying for Taemin to actually endorse a cosmetic line!


Taemin, in this picture with the brand’s logo edited in – looking like a real ad, is posing in his heavy, smoky make-up. While most male idols in the K-Pop industry now wear more visible and colorful make-up, Taemin has always been quite the leader in his bold choice of looks.

Wow, I didn’t think it was photoshopped. I thought it was an actual ad from MAC.

— Netizen


Fans now think Taemin is a perfect model for cosmetic brands looking to advertise their color palettes and lip glossin’ goodies to the male market.

It’s because he can pull off colorful make-up so well. He’s born for it!

— Netizen


Taemin’s make-up has always been eye-catching. With so much color, glitter, and attitude, Taemin rocked several styles – from bare natural to rock chic smoky – all of which had Korean fans totally inspired to try too.

He’s perfect for a make-up line endorsement. I’ve always wondered who uses blue or purple eyeshadows… TAEMIN DOES. And he looks so good in them too.

— Netizen


Some fans are pointing out Taemin’s overall vibe fit better with other cosmetic brands like NARS and Tom Ford. Regardless, Taemin is now thought to be the next hottest make-up model, hand selected by the public!

Something about him is more Tom Ford than MAC. But either way, he should really consider signing a deal with a make-up brand!

— Netizen


Will the internet’s rave about Taemin’s gorgeousness reach the make-up brands? Fans definitely look forward to Taemin considering an endorsement that will help him flaunt his fabulous styles even more!

Source: THEQOO