Faker Explains Why He Turned Down a Blank Check From North America to Stay in Korea

Everybody wants him, but Faker just wants to stay in Korea.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Faker explained why he turned down tempting offers from other countries in order to stay in Korea.

In the middle of a related conversation, Kim Goo Ra brought up the topic of tempting offers Faker received from both China and North America.

I heard China offered you a salary of 10 billion won (~$8.6 million USD) and North America offered you a blank check.

– Kim Goo Ra

In response, Faker vaguely confirmed that those rumors were likely to be true.

I’ve never seen the contracts with my own eyes, but I think that probably happened.

– Faker

He then went on to explain why he doesn’t sign contracts with teams outside of Korea.

There’s the aspect of being uncomfortable living abroad, and beyond the money, I feel like I’m better suited for living in Korea.

– Faker

Faker also shared that his fans are a part of the reason why he wants to remain in Korea.

There are many good players here, and it’s fun to play in Korea where it’s very competitive. Since I’ve established a reputation as a representative of Korea, I want to make my many fans proud.

– Faker

But Heechul, who is a massive fan of Faker, added why staying in Korea could be monetarily beneficial for him as well.

Aside from Faker’s income from matches, his profits from advertisements and things like that are probably bigger.

– Heechul

Check out the full reveal below:

Source: Insight