Family of “The World of the Married” Child Actress Responds to Controversy Regarding Her Big Size

The child actress recently faced controversy for being too big.

The child actress, Lee Ro Eun recently starred in the popular drama, The World of the Married as the 2-year-old daughter of Park Hae Joon and Han So Hee.

But the child actress was later criticized for being too big for her role, and her family took to her Instagram to express their thoughts on the matter.

The family explained that they were excited for their daughter’s appearance in the drama, but that it was faced with controversy.

We looked forward to seeing Ro Eun appear on the show with anticipation, excitement, and worry. But as soon as the show aired, there was controversy.

– Family

They acknowledged that she was little big for a 2-year-old, but that the criticism was blown out of proportion.

Where did the whole ‘first-birthday party’ idea come from? That was 2 years later. We know she’s still big for that age. She was also stretched out to look a little taller on screen.

– Family

The family shared that they’ve been ridiculed on mom cafes and social media and expressed their hurt.

We feel hurt because we feel like we’re being ridiculed on mom cafes and social media. Maybe they mean no harm, but we’re hurt.

– Family

The family even added that the malicious comments were not only about her size but other things as well.

If the comments only talked about her being too big, we wouldn’t be writing this post.

– Family

The family reminded netizens that Lee Ro Eun is just a child, and pleaded for them to stop posting malicious comments.

What did a little kid do to deserve this? She filmed it without knowing anything. Please delete your harsh comments. I hope you cheer her on so that she can finish filming her part in the drama.

– Family

The popular drama is currently airing on JTBC.

Source: Dispatch