The Famous BTS Quote…That None Of The Members Actually Said

It’s often attributed to RM.

The BTS members are known for many inspiring quotes.

Yet, one famous quote was never said by any of the members.

You have probably seen “No one is born ugly; we’re just born in a judgmental society” on many occasions, often attributed to BTS’s leader RM.

When you do a Google search of the quote, an unlimited amount of inspirational quote images appear, some with his photo included.

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Yet, some ARMYs recognize that ARMY not only did not originate this quote, but he never even said it. Some have mistakenly believed RM said it during either BTS’s Love Yourself World Tour or his United Nations speech.

Namjoon never said nor created " nO oNe iS bOrN uGlY wE aRE jUsT bOrN iN a jUdGe mEnTaL sOciEtY"
by u/hiraihwa in kpoprants

nO ONe iS bOrN uGly, wE’rE JuSt bOrN iN a JuDgMEnTaL soCietY
by u/lace-maze in kpopthoughts

by u/marinoftw from discussion nO ONe iS bOrN uGly, wE’rE JuSt bOrN iN a JuDgMEnTaL soCietY
in kpopthoughts

An ARMY debunked the false attribution on Twitter back in 2019. They explained that this quote did not appear with RM’s name until May 2019. It went viral for ARMY Selca Day.

Yet, the quote has circulated on social media long before ARMYs. As early as 2014, if not earlier, netizens used “No one is born ugly. The problem is we live in a judgemental society” as captions for photos.

| @baepsayed/Twitter

If you search X (formerly known as Twitter), you will see that non-ARMYs shared this quote before 2019.

Likewise, the quote can be found on inspirational quote websites with no relation to BTS or RM.

Until ARMYs began to share it, no one attributed the quote to anyone. So, it appears to be just an anonymous quote.

Source: baepsayed