These Two Famous K-Dramas Were Originally Webtoons…But The Titles Were Changed When Adapted For Surprising Reasons

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If you’re a fan of K-Drama, you’d probably have watched Doctors and You Who Came From The Stars! However, did you know that they were originally webtoons? In fact, both dramas were based on popular web-manga, but eventually had their titles changed during adaptions – both for similar reasons.

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For Doctors, the original title of the webtoon was Female Gangster Hyejung. However, the producers felt that if they went with that title, the story would be too focused on the female lead. Instead, they fleshed it out with supporting cast, even giving the supporting case their own arcs and love lines. The title was then changed to Doctors – which some criticized as boring.

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As for You Who Came From The Stars, it was actually called, The Man Who Came From The Stars. However, as it was Jun Ji Hyun‘s (also known as Gianna Jun) return to the small screen after 14 years, her representatives requested a title that was less focal on the male lead. Eventually, they came to a compromise with You Who Came From The Stars.

Could you imagine both dramas with their original titles? Would the response have been the same?

Source: theqoo