Meet Korea’s Newest Famous Korean Nigerian Model Jenny Park, Signed By SM Entertainment

She’s already accomplished extraordinary things.

Before he even became an adult, Han Hyun Min gained fame in Korea for being the first Korean Nigerian male model. Since then, there’s been a few up-and-coming models who were also of Korean and Nigerian ethnicity.

Han Hyun Min | @hhm0519/Instagram

Shortly after, model Bae Yu Jin made her debut and became the first female Korean Nigerian model in the country.

Bae Yu Jin | @_baetiful/Instagram

They have both passed the torch to the newest Korean Nigerian model on the scene: the bubbly seventeen-year-old Jenny Park.

Born in 2006, Jenny Park earned contracts with the popular modeling agency ESteem and the famous company SM Entertainment—all before turning eighteen.

Jenny Park | @__jennypark__/Instagram

Despite the teasing she experienced at a young age for being mixed-race, Jenny Park brushed off the negativity and worked towards achieving her dream of becoming a model. After many attempts to break into the industry, her hard work paid off when her modeling career took off in 2020.

| @__jennypark__/Instagram

In the years since, Jenny Park has modeled and filmed commercials for popular brands like McDonald’s, New Balance, Dr.Jart+, Fresh Beauty, Vans, and Crocs.

| @__jennypark__/Instagram

Jenny Park’s modeling skills and stunning visuals also earned her collaborations with luxury brands like Ferragamo, BVLGARI, Miu Miu, Gucci, Valentino, and MCM.

| @__jennypark__/Instagram

Through her hard work, Jenny Park has graced famous magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Noblesse, Vogue, and Singles.

Though Jenny Park’s modeling profile only reveals a few measurements, she’s given fans a peek into her Hanlim Arts High School life and modeling behind-the-scenes with her uploads on her YouTube channel 박제니 Jenny park.

Between her modeling work with famous brands and even famous artists like Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Jenny Park is accomplishing amazing things before even becoming an adult. With how in demand the model is, Jenny Park seems to have many great things in store for the future.

Male model, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, and Jenny Park. | @__jennypark__/Instagram

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