A Fan Asked 2PM’s Junho To Marry Her And Here’s The Unexpected Way He Responded

It took everyone by surprise.

A fan who recently got into 2PM won a chance to have a video call with the star. During the call, she said some very relatable words, until things went a step further and she asked him to marry her.

Oppa, I like you so much recently that I don’t even notice men in their 20s. Can’t you take responsibility for me? Marry me!!

— Fan

Hilariously, he made sure to ask if she had confidence before he agreed to her proposal, her immediate cry of “Yes! I’m confident!”

  • Junho: “Oh, are you confident?”
  • Fan: “Yes!! I’m confident!”
  • Junho: “But what are you confident about?”

Junho made sure to get the last word as he playfully teased the fan. He’s not called “Lee Fox” for nothing with his flirty ways!