A Fan Posted About Running Into Apink’s Naeun on the Streets, but the Fan Turned out to Be a Celebrity Herself

She trolled everybody on the internet.

A fan recently posted a photo of Apink‘s Naeun and shared a story about how she ran into the idol on the streets.

The post was titled, “Here’s How I Ran Into Naeun on the Streets“, and it was accompanied by a photo to prove it.

But once the post grabbed fellow fans’ attention, what many noticed afterward was that the “fan” beside Son Naeun looks awfully familiar.

And the reason is that that fan was Apink’s Hayoung.

Hayoung later took to her Twitter account to post the same photo and raved over it like an obsessed fan, which elicited laughter in fellow fans.

When I got out of my car, someone called, ‘Hayoung!’ So I turned around and it was the goddess, Son Naeun.

– Hayoung

But that’s not all.


Hayoung even posted the same photo to her Instagram account and captioned it,

I ran into Son Naeun on the streets. It was such an honor.

– Hayoung

It appears that Naeun has mega fans even within the group.

Hayoung is so jokes!

Source: Dispatch


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