A Fan Asked Red Velvet’s Joy If They Should Start Dieting, And Her Answer Will Warm Your Heart

She stepped up as their idol!

Red Velvet’s Joy is the cutest and most loving person ever!


On April 6, Joy read comments and talked to her fans for a bit on the Lysn app. While answering comments, Joy gave stern replies to some fans, but the reasons behind the answers will absolutely make you melt!

While posting fan comments, a fan posed a question to Joy, saying;

Should I diet?



And Joy, being the loving person she is, sternly replied,




Another fan left a similar comment, saying that they had only eaten a salad that day because they were on a diet, and Joy gave a stern reply to this fan as well!


Fan: I ate a salad! Currently on a diet

Joy: Immunity is so important right now! Extreme dieting is a no-no!


Fans have been in love with her heartwarming and caring personality, which was shown through these comments!

Recently, Joy revealed that she’s been gaining interest in a lot of things, but stressed that health is her number one priority because, without good health, everything else is meaningless.

It’s good to see her acting on her philosophy, and also taking care of fans at the same time!

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