Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals How She Stays Healthy And Happy

She knows a lot about health!

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently made a guest appearance on Happy Together 4 where she talked about various things, from Red Velvet’s dorm life to how they have been doing as a group 7 years after making their debut and what has changed since then.

Joy also talked about how she recently got into taking care of her health more, and how she stays healthy! She shared how she started doing aerial yoga. She even started drinking noni juice which is definitely good for the body, and can also brighten your skin!

I am very interested in beauty and fashion. Beauty and fashion lose meaning without good health. Unless you strive for good health, you look bad.

Joy opened up about being diagnosed with stomatization disorder.

There is a reason why I became interested in healthy foods. My body is too sensitive.

She also shared how she recently went to an oriental medicine clinic because she felt a heavy pressure on her chest.

Joy seems to understand how important her health is and enjoys taking care of herself! We definitely learned a lot from her!

Watch the full interview here:

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