TXT’s Beomgyu Was Shocked By A Fan’s Request For Him To Upload A Video Of Him Cutting His Hair—His Response Was Hilarious

He was a bit shocked.

TXT‘s Beomgyu has incredible talent and visuals, and lately, MOAs (TXT’s fandom) have been obsessing over his long hair!

| @txt_members/Twitter

Beomgyu first showed off his longer locks near their “0X1=LOVESONG” era and MOAs went crazy! Since then, Beomgyu has kept his longer hairdo and has even added highlights!


MOAs have been so in love with Beomgyu and his long hair that one fan even asked him to keep it. While the fans wish for his long hair to stay, Beomgyu replied to the fan, “NO!!!! IT’S SO HOT I FEEL LIKE DYING.

More recently, during a video fan meet, a fan asked Beomgyu whether or not he could upload a video of him cutting his hair when the time comes.

Hilariously, Beomgyu questioned why MOAs would want to see him cutting his hair as it’s nothing special in his opinion.

Upload a video of my hair being cut? it’s not like I’m going to the military or anything (laughs). It’s really nothing spectacular though.

— Beomgyu

Source: @304verse